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Uplift Williams Preparatory

Free, public charter school

Uplift Williams Preparatory is an Uplift Charter School which opened in July 2007. Uplift Williams Preparatory is focused on nurturing strong relationships between teachers, students and parents while maintaining the highest expectations. The school provides a curriculum with the highest academics that truly prepare students for college. To foster a professional learning environment, teachers and students are given time and tools to reflect and achieve academic and professional growth.
Our Mission: 
"Uplift Education will create and sustain public schools of excellence that empower each student to reach their highest potential in college and the global marketplace and which inspire a life-long love of learning, achievement, and service in order to positively change their world."

Our Vision:
"To become an International Baccalaureate and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) campus that nurtures international mindedness in our staff and students. Uplift Williams Preparatory will empower students to achieve college matriculation, responsible citizenship and world readiness."
Our Pledge:
"I pledge to do my best this day to honor myself and others in everything I do. To accept responsibility for my own learning, and to encourage others that struggle, as I embrace my own. To exercise leadership and to crave college preparation continually. Mediocrity is not an option, only excellence will do. Who I am has value. What I think has value- Sapere Aude. Who I will become is invaluable to the world."
Last Modified on November 24, 2013
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