School Profile & Financial Information


Uplift Summit Preparatory

(Grades K-12)

1305 North Center Street
Arlington, Texas 76011



Year opened: 2007-08

Number of students (2013-14): 1,183 
First graduating class: 2010-11

School Leadership Team:


  • Priscilla Collins-Parhms, Managing Director (K-8)
    • Amanda Dudley, Primary Director
      • Cassie Beyer, PYP Dean
      • Marissa Spedale, PYP Dean
    • Aleia Mims, Middle School Director
      • Dani Erbert, MYP Dean
      • Mark Forman, MS Dean of Students


  • Karen Evans, Associate Managing Director (9-12)
    • Tracy Odom, High School Director
      • Alberto Herrera, AP/DP Dean
      • Margaret Rosenbaum, Dean of College Prep
      • Tiffany Starnes, Dean of Students


  • Michelle Schultz, Regional director of Operations
    • Alan Tolleson, Operations Director

  • 100% of Summit International Prep's 2014 graduating class was accepted to college and receiving nearly $14.2 million in scholarships.
  • School made possible by generous long-term lease terms of a 50-year old, 18-acre private school campus.
  • Recently received KaBOOM! grant for new playground that is part of NBA Cares community work associated with the All-Star game.