US Testing Calendar

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A student should not have more than two major assessments due in a single day.  If students notice that they have more than two major assessments in a single day, AT LEAST ONE CLASS PRIOR to the scheduled assessments they need to let the teacher of the last scheduled assessment know so that arrangements can be made to reschedule that assessment for the students affected.  Similarly, if a student has a field trip scheduled on the same day as a test, it is their responsibility to let their teacher know of the conflict at least one class prior to the trip.
The assessments should be numbered in the order in which the assessments were scheduled.  For example, if the calendar says:
1. IB History (12)
2. Chemistry (10)
3. IB Biology (12)
4. AP Calculus BC (11, 12)
5. IB Physics (12)
A student in IB History, IB Biology, and IB Physics would need to tell the IB Physics teacher at least one class prior to the date of the test that they need to schedule a makeup because IB Physics is the third scheduled test for that student.
In addition to listing the grade level (in parentheses), as an additional aid the tests are color-coded by grade level.
Green: 12th grade
Pink: 11th grade
Gold: 10th grade
Tan: 9th grade
Grey: Multiple grades
Last Modified on September 19, 2012