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As a reminder, all directions communicated regarding car line must be followed. All staff instructions must be followed during car line.  All drivers must be courteous to your fellow North Hills families. Above all, with everyone's cooperation, we will provide the safest circumstances possible for our scholars during car line.


Here are a few quick notes and a map has been provided below for traffic flow clarification in the new parking lot:


1.  The new parking spaces are NOT open for regular parking. The new lot is ONLY open from 7:45am-8:20am and 3:15pm-4:30pm.  Sealing, painting and signage are not yet complete so this entry is for car line and short term parking only during open lot times.  Vehicles parked outside of the above times are subject to being towed at the owner's expense. Once the lot is complete, we will communicate the allowance of longer use of the parking spaces.  Primary students being dropped off in this lot will need to be escorted by a parent or older sibling at parent's discretion. All students will be directed to the temporary path to the main campus. Kindergarten students are must be dropped off in front of the Kinder building, as per regular car line procedures.  All staff directions must be followed by scholars at all times.  


2.  Families picking up both Primary and Secondary students will no longer be permitted to re-enter the main campus lot before 4:00pm from Royal Lane in order to wait for Secondary siblings.  We hope you found the flexibility helpful while parking was unavailable in the back lot.  However, this new lot should provide space for those wanting to wait in between Primary and Secondary release times. Parking/standing in the middle car line on the main campus is also no longer permitted(in front of the Kinder building & by the student parking lot).  All vehicles need to be attended unless parked in an actual parking space. Blocking parked vehicles is not permitted.


3.  There is NO parking along the right lane of the new lot and the left lane is reserved for through traffic.  No parking or standing in the left lane at any time.  No pick ups or drop offs in the left lane at any time.


4.  This lot is not available for entry to the main campus.  Vehicles must exit back onto Riverside.  No left turn available when exiting onto Riverside; right turn only.





Car line drop off and pick up will inevitably be a slow process when almost 1,600 scholars are going to or leaving from the same location. Please prepare by reading all info below and reviewing the attached maps!

Three tips to improve car line experiences:

ARRIVE OUTSIDE OF HEAVY TRAFFIC TIMES. The least amount of traffic during morning car line on a normal day is between 7:15-7:25 and 7:50-8:05.  Primary students may arrive as early as 7:15. Secondary students may arrive at 7:15 but will be required to wait outside in the courtyard until the Main Gym is open at 7:45. In the afternoon, traffic for Secondary is much lighter beginning at 4:15 (3:00 on Weds or 1:00 on half days).

FOLLOW DIRECTIONS OF STAFF & VOLUNTEERS. They have the “big picture” of the most efficient, safe car line process. Keep in mind they are outdoors during very uncomfortable weather conditions and can use your cooperation and smiles!

ABOVE ALL, BE PATIENTSet a good example for others by promoting a safe and calm response to long wait times.

All-School (K-12) Car Line Info:
  • Two lanes of cars may enter the campus. Once you approach the student drop off/pick up areas (see map), vehicles should merge into one lane along curb to proceed.
  • If you are dropping off a student, pull forward as directed by staff until they signal students to exit your vehicle.  If everyone cooperates fully, car line will go much quicker.
  • Students should be prepared to immediately exit their vehicles when directed to do so.  We understand this will be more difficult for younger students the first few days of school, so please arrive during times of less traffic to help alleviate traffic during car line.
  • The left lane (except for Kinder drop off) is NEVER for dropping off/picking up students.
  • NEVER exit your vehicle unless you are in a parking space.  Parents are required to sign in their child in the office when arriving late to campus. 

Secondary (6-12) Car Line Info:

  • Middle/Upper school parents are NOT to arrive to pick up student(s) until dismissal time at 4:00 (2:40 on Wednesdays). Middle/Upper school parents who arrive before 4:00 (2:40 on Wednesdays) will not be allowed to enter Primary car line.
  • If you have students in Primary AND Secondary, you will pick up your Primary scholar, exit and wait off campus before returning after 4:00 to pick up your Secondary student.  There is parking in the new shopping center near 7-11 as well as the business park on the west side of Riverside. Do not park in the Faculty/Student Parking Lots, or at the La Villita apartments to wait for your Secondary students.  

Primary (K-5) Car Line Info:

·         Kindergarten parents drop off your kindergarten student in front of Kindergarten building. ALL primary students, Kinder included, are picked up in front of main Primary building.

·         Keep your car line number in the window until all occupants have been loaded.

·         Handheld cell phone usage is prohibited.

·         If you are picking up a child in carpool who is enrolled in AfterCare you must e-mail the teacher so the child will be in carpool (and not Aftercare) ready for pick up.  If you have not done that ahead of time and received confirmation, your child may be in AfterCare and cannot be picked up until 4:00.

·         In the event you do not have your carpool numbers, you can get a temporary one from the office by showing a picture ID. Temporary carpool cards are only good for the date issued. In the case of a lost card you may order new ones for $2.00 each.

·         Once you have picked up a child, that child must stay with you at all times. Children are not allowed to play on the grounds close to the buildings.

·         When picking up at the back door, park in an appropriate parking space.  Use the crosswalks.  Show your carpool number(s) to the teacher/student on duty at the entrance on the south side of the Primary Cafeteria. Be sure to be safe and use the crosswalks back to your vehicle. 


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