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Personal Project Due Dates
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Process Journal...what IS it?
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Welcome to the MYP Personal Project!
There are multiple resource documents to the left and below.  If you have any questions, please e-mail Ms. Gibbs at mgibbs@uplifteducation.org.
 new due dates
         The IB MYP Programme Model
IB MYP Programme Model  
How to access ManageBac
  • School e-mail

     You can get your ManageBac user name from your school email. Login using your computer login information: yourID@students.uplifteducation.org 

     password: same one you use to login to the computers and powerschool
  • ManageBac


    All updates and information should be entered into ManageBac.  This will allow your supervisor to see what progress you are making as you go and communicate with you. 
    Be sure to regularly check your school e-mail account for correspondence.
MYP Projects Guide
This is the entire MYP Projects Guide.  This includes the Community Project, so please only focus on the Personal Project (or where the plural "Projects" is used). 
Last Modified on March 6, 2017
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